Custom infrared detector design

Custom infrared detector design

Custom infrared detector design

Custom infrared detector design

We provide in-house designed custom infrared detectors. We tailor these infrared detectors such that they meet the requirements of your specific application. Our detector design team provides assistance and guides you through the entire design and optimization process of the device.

In the design and optimization process we focus on pixel size and shape, epi-layer design and wavelength range. Detector customization includes determination of optimum packaging technique and, if required, cooling. By paying close attention to these points we can deliver infrared detectors that are optimized for your application. 

Our experience

We have build up experience in infrared detector designs for various applications. Our custom device designs are compatible with:

  • High speed inspection techniques
  • Medical applications
  • High performance scanning arrays for space.

Our executed projects

 We have successfully executed (and coordinated) the following projects:

  •  DAVIT: "III-V Detector Arrays for industrial Applications" - IWT (Flemish research Foundation) - Prime
  • 2DBA: "2-Dimensional Integration of Infrared Bolometer Arrays" - IWT - Prime
  • Oidipus: "Optimized InGaAs Detectors for Imaging applications and Industrial Spectroscopy" - Eurimus/IWT - Prime
  • LandObs: "Large Format SWIR Focal Plane Array" - ESA - Prime
  • Proba-V detectors and Read-out electronics - ESA - Partner

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Versatile infrared analysis and reporting software

The Xeneth user interface is common to all the Xenics cameras. This makes it easy for customers to apply their familiarity with this comprehensive product to any new applications, covering wide ranging capabilities in various parts of the IR spectrum.

Learn it once and apply it over and over again.

Karl Niedermeyer, President, Spectro Associates, Inc.