LWIR uncooled bolometer cores

LWIR uncooled bolometer cores

What is a LWIR uncooled core?

A Long-Wave Infrared (LWIR) uncooled core is a camera core or engine used in LWIR thermal cameras. A core typically consists of:

  • an uncooled LWIR detector designed to work in the 8-14 µm wavelength range. This is where temperature targets emit most of their infrared energy
  • printed circuit boards for detector biasing, analog to digital conversion, imaging processing and interfacing.

Uncooled LWIR detectors are based on microbolometer arrays, which are built using vanadium oxide (VOx) or amorphous silicon (a-Si). 

What is a LWIR uncooled core used for?

The LWIR uncooled core is designed to enable a variety of new applications for system integrators, including low-cost thermal imaging, thermography, industrial process control, border control, night vision, search & rescue and automotive safety.

What do we offer?

We offer our XTM-Series thermal infrared cores. These lightweight, compact longwave infrared cores are easy to integrate into end-user products, such as thermal surveillance cameras, thermal sights, cameras for UAV's (unmanned aerial vehicles), etc.

Next to their small form factor, our XTM-Series consumes very little power and is available with various interfaces. Allowing you to connect instantly with the OEM core for data acquisition and command & control.

What features are needed?

  • LWIR wavelength range
    Uncooled bolometer detectors are sensitive in the 8 - 14 μm LWIR band
  • High image resolution
    The amount of pixels has a huge impact on the image. The higher the resolution, the more detail your image contains
  • Small pixel size
    A smaller pixel size results in smaller detectors - resulting in lower sensor production costs, smaller optics and eventually smaller cameras
  • Easy connectivity
    We offer several different interfaces for an easy integration into your system
  • Lightweight and compact design
    A crucial point for all system integrators. Our XenicsCores are very light and extremely compact
  • Flexibility for a broad range of OEM applications
    Our XenicsCores prove to be very reliable infrared cores. This makes them suitable for many OEM applications

Are you looking for more information? 

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