Maritime applications

Maritime applications

What is maritime infrared imaging?

With 70% of the earth’s surface covered with water, maritime infrared imaging is deployed to detect and monitor a wide variety of activities. As these activities often take place at night, it is worthwhile to replace traditional night vision equipment with passive infrared imaging with cooled and uncooled LWIR thermal cameras. Or active infrared imaging with SWIR non-thermal cameras, e.g. range gated imaging with covert SWIR laser illumination. Maritime infrared imaging is used by Government entities worldwide like the Navy, Coast Guard, Homeland Security forces, law enforcement, customs agencies and rescue teams.

Naval environments and maritime operations make it difficult to execute surveillance and monitoring applications successfully. Light levels change with sun/moon phase and atmospheric conditions, eg. rain, snow, haze, fog and wind, but also pollution. Long-range observations over water are disturbed by turbulence and vibration, caused by vessel engines, waves, wind, etc. Smart, build-in image enhancement algorithms in the Xenics infrared camera systems result in contrast enhancement, noise reduction, multiple sensor fusion, image stabilization and a multitude of automated functions like detection, classification, tracking and alarms.

What is maritime infrared imaging used for?

Maritime infrared imaging is used to fight criminal activities such as drug trafficking, smuggling, human trafficking and illegal border crossings. It is also used to assist in search & rescue operations, vessel mooring in ports, collision avoidance between vessels and between vessels and buoys, anti-piracy, anti-poaching, navigation at night, vessel classification, vessel recognition, naval reconnaissance, etc. 


What do we offer?

For maritime infrared imaging we offer OEM infrared modules for further integration next to enclosed infrared camera systems. 

OEM infrared modules

Our OEM infrared modules are optimized for an easy integration into your system. We offer

  1. the XSW-Series, a series of TE1 stabilized SWIR modules
  2. the XTM-Series, a series of uncooled thermal (LWIR) infrared modules 
  3. the XCO-640, a Stirling cooled MWIR module optimized for long range thermal surveillance 

Enclosed cameras 

If you are looking for an end-user-ready thermal camera system we offer the Meerkat-Fix thermal cameras. These uncooled LWIR cameras are integrated into a weather and dust resistant housing for outdoor use. They are offered with an Analog or Onvif interface for easy integration into your surveillance network. 

What features are needed?

  • Easy connectivity
    We offer standard digital or analogue interfaces for easy integration, operation and maintenance
  • Lightweight and compact design
    A crucial point for all system integrators. Our XenicsCores are very light and extremely compact
  • Rugged and small cameras
    The ruggedness and size of our infrared cameras are important features for an imaging system. The smaller the camera, the easier it is to integrate. Rugged cameras withstand harsh environmental conditions
  • Superior image quality
    Our cameras are equipped with several image enhancement algorithms. This results in a superior image quality under all weather and light conditions

Are you looking for more information? 

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Press Releases
Xenics at SPIE DSS 2011: high performance infrared OEM modules for easy integration We offer high resolution infrared OEM modules in both SWIR (XSW-640) as LWIR (XTM-640) (2011)
Xenics sees strong growth ahead for OEM module business The OEM module business will grow strongly, especially in the security market. That is why we target the security market with our XenicsCores (2014)
Xenics at FIDAE 2014: introducing affordable airborne gimbals for Latin-America Introducing our Pumair-170, Pumair-300 and Pumair-400 for aerial surveillance at FIDAE (2014)
Application notes
Surveillance, safety & security industry Xenics offers world-leading innovation with durable infrared modules and cameras for system integrators within the security industry. Our advanced Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) cameras look through fog, haze, smoke and can identify humans or objects during night and day, whereas thermal imaging cameras can detect at very long distance and at pitch dark.

New Xeneth LabVIEW SDK

LabVIEW toolkit for Xenics cameras offers high-level examples as well as low-level VIs, making it easy for programmers to integrate Xenics cameras into their software applications written in LabVIEW

Jan Šíma, Business Development Manager, ELCOM, a.s.