Perimeter & Critical infrastructure protection

Perimeter & Critical infrastructure protection

Perimeter & Critical infrastructure protection

What is perimeter & critical infrastructure protection?

Infrared imaging is a vital technology to detect threats like aggression or natural disasters to the critical infrastructure (and its surroundings) of a country or state. Every independent country and state has assets which are essential for strategic, economic and social reasons. These assets are referred to as the critical infrastructure. Often these infrastructures are facilities related to (drinking) water, food production, public health, communication, power generation and power distribution, fuel, transportation, harbours, national security, finance and armed forces.

Which infrared technologies are needed for perimeter & critical infrastructure protection?

Perimeter & critical infrastructure protection is complex because the threats are so diverse. We have experienced an urgent requirement for infrared cameras, covering all regions of the infrared spectrum:

Which infrared cameras do we offer?

We offer a wide pallet of infrared products, serving various markets. For system integrators we offer the XTM, XSW and XCO infrared cores. These infrared OEM modules are used in night vision equipment, driver assistance systems, thermal weapon scopes and mobile observation posts.

If you are looking for ready-to-use infrared cameras we offer the Raven (LWIR) and the Rufus (SWIR) cameras. Both very versatile infared cameras which can be in a variety of security applications. In addition to these infrared cameras we also offer the Meerkat-Fix thermal cameras. These are integrated into an improved housing for outdoor security use in command and control systems for perimeter and border security, surveillance, search and rescue (SAR) and public safety.

What features are needed?

  • Superior image quality
    Our cameras are equipped with several image enhancement algorithms. This results in a superior image quality under all weather and light conditions
  • Rugged and small cameras
    The ruggedness and size of our infrared cameras are important features for an imaging system. The smaller the camera, the easier it is to integrate. Rugged cameras withstand harsh environmental conditions
  • Lightweight and compact design
    A crucial point for all system integrators. Our XenicsCores are very light and extremely compact
  • Easy connectivity
    We offer several different interfaces for an easy integration into your system

Are you looking for more information? 

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Press Releases
Xenics at SPIE DSS 2011: high performance infrared OEM modules for easy integration We offer high resolution infrared OEM modules in both SWIR (XSW-640) as LWIR (XTM-640) (2011)
Raven-384 thermal camera pinpoints viral fever of air travellers Measuring body temperature from a distance to prevent spreading of AN1H1 (2009)
Application notes
Early detection of fever is crucial to avoid the spread of infectious diseases. Early detection of fever is crucial to avoid the spread of infectious diseases.
Surveillance, safety & security industry Xenics offers world-leading innovation with durable infrared modules and cameras for system integrators within the security industry. Our advanced Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) cameras look through fog, haze, smoke and can identify humans or objects during night and day, whereas thermal imaging cameras can detect at very long distance and at pitch dark.

Thermal Imagers in mobile systems for Security & Safety Market

It was a challenge to produce a mobile system for border control in just 6 months, but with Xenics as a partner we could apply for this project.

Ivica Mijić, Audio-Video Trend