ROICs & Components

Xenics typically offers complete infrared cameras or infrared cores. This means that you will receive a balanced, mature product with standard interfaces, a fully debugged software environment and a well-documented SDK.

In some cases an infrared camera or core is not what you need as it does not fit in your intended FPA volume. It is even possible that your application is not even from an imaging or photonic nature.

At that moment Xenics is glad to support you with specialized products that range from Read-out Integrated Circuit (ROIC) wafers, photodiode arrays, unpackaged and packaged FPA’s to parts of cameras. Xenics also offers test cards and NI based test systems to test and characterize devices to your specific needs.

The way to flexible solutions

If you have specific requirements regarding size, weight or power. If your application is not imaging nor photonic. If you do not find what you need in our standard product range, then please contact us. Together with our engineering and marketing team, we will perform an analysis of your needs.

After the initial analysis, Xenics will come up with a proposal containing the available components or subsystems that will fulfil your development and product needs.

For this purpose Xenics makes use of its large base of ROICs, Photo-Diode Arrays (PDAs), unpackaged or packaged FPA’s. Depending on your needs we can also integrate ROICs or FPAs with camera PCB’s. Sensor test boards and NI based test systems are also available as a part of your system or as a test tool.

To guarantee the best operation of your custom product, we will discuss the implementation of the product followed by a tailored support plan.


The procedure

Based on your request we will make our initial evaluation and start up the definition phase, followed by the initial delivery and support.  After a successful conclusion of the First Article test, Xenics will deliver you your series production parts.


What do we offer?

The product part of our website is giving you a good insight of the subsystems we offer and the capabilities we have in-house. For more details on custom solutions, please contact us


Are you looking for more information? 

Let us know. We are happy to help.

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Application notes
Xlin-1.7-3000 for earth observation The Xlin-1.7-3000 detector is specifically designed for earth observation to reveal lots of detailed information on vegetation, clouds, humidity and other atmospheric conditions.
Sensor-based food inspection and sorting Customer Success Story - Line scan SWIR camera Lynx proves its mettle in food inspection and sorting application

World's first InGaAs camera photon emission microscope

Xenics enabled Semicaps to realize the world's first InGaAs camera photon emission microscope in 2004. Since then Xenics and sInfraRed have supported us in our endeavors for better sensitivity and resolution in photon and thermal emission microscopy.

Chua Choon Meng, CEO Semicaps