SWIR InGaAs cores

What are SWIR InGaAs cores?

Quite often instrument builders and system developers are stuck between two extremes for the development of small series products:

  • Either buying complete cameras and stripping of the lens and the housing, followed by making risky modifications to the camera electronics and mechanics
  • Or going on the cumbersome learning curve to design and debug FPA proximity electronics hardware and firmware.

Xenics offers a third option, the XSW-640. This rugged SWIR camera cores come with an intuitive digital interface for easy signal acquisition and camera tuning. Its small form factor, low weight and low power consumption allow an easy integration. Additionally the XSW-640 is offered with embedded image enhancement routines for the best image quality. 

Why a SWIR InGaAs core?

Image sensors, being visible or SWIR, are rather difficult mixed signal application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs). They require multiple digital driving pulses, clean analog voltages (in the presence of current spikes) as well as accurate and stable biases. The dynamic range of high performance image sensors is often almost 80 dB: the full well signal is in the order of [1-2 V], where the noise floor is around 100 µVrms. Additionally the pixel rates are going up till 40 to 60 Msamples/sec.

Even for an experienced designer or user, it will take several months of design, debugging, testing and optimisation before you can get the expected performance from an image sensor.

At that moment the work for the tuning of the parameters and the cleaning of the acquired images need to start and this activity will consume again several months.

The XSW-Series sets you free from all the above hassle and offers a robust solution that let you start doing your job immediately after unpacking the unit. The digital interface is intuitive and the optional Xeneth Software Development Kit (SDK) will help you to start your system/instrument development immediately. 


XSW-Series SWIR InGaAs camera core

The XSW-Series is available in 2 resolutions and multiple interfaces. Other features are:

  • Small form factor:
    • 45 x 45 x 51 mm3 with Samtec interface
    • 45 x 45 x 55 mm3 with CameraLink and Analog interface
    • 45 x 45 x 55 mm3 with GigE Vision interface
  • Low power dissipation:
    • 2.5 W with Samtec interface
    • ≤ 3 W with CameraLink and Analog interface
    • 4 W with GigE Vision interface
  • Low weight: 120 - 165 g
  • Maximum frame rate of 400 Hz (for XSW-320)

What features are needed?

  • SWIR wavelength range
    SWIR InGaAs detectors are sensitive in the 0.9 - 1.7 μm SWIR band
  • High image resolution
    The amount of pixels has an important impact on the image. The higher the resolution, the more detail your image contains
  • Low noise level and high dynamic range
    A low noise level assures a high sensitivity, while a high dynamic range results in a high image contrast
  • Sensor temperature stabilization or cooling
    A cooled SWIR camera has a lower dark current, reaches lower noise levels and has a higher dynamic range. Several SWIR cameras in our product range are TE1-stabilized, TE1-cooled, TE3-cooled or TE4-cooled
  • Easy connectivity
    We offer several different interfaces for an easy integration into your system
  • Lightweight and compact design
    A crucial point for all system integrators. Our XenicsCores are very light and extremely compact
  • Low power consumption
    Power consumption can be an issue when integrating cameras into a (fusion) system. Our infrared cameras consume very little power and therefore easy to integrate
  • Flexibility for a broad range of OEM applications
    Our XenicsCores prove to be very reliable infrared cores. This makes them suitable for many OEM applications
  • Superior image quality
    Our cameras are equipped with several image enhancement algorithms. This results in a superior image quality under all weather and light conditions

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Professional service, knowledge and advice!

Secure in Air appreciates the professional service, knowledge and advice of Xenics in implementing the Gobi camera in our project GeoCampro. Our client was more than satisfied with the results, looking for (thermal) defects in the railways. 

Robert de Nes, Secure in Air