Xenics appoints Sofradir-EC as sole US distributor for its MCT Onca cameras

Xenics appoints Sofradir-EC as sole US distributor for its MCT Onca cameras

Leuven, Belgium, 1 September 2009 - Xenics, Europe's leading developer and manufacturer of advanced infrared detectors and customized imaging solutions covering the LWIR to the visible realm, today announced that Sofradir-EC, based at Fairfield, New Jersey, U.S., has obtained the exclusive distribution rights in the US and Canada for Xenics' Onca camera models based on MCT arrays mounted on a sterling cooler. Sofradir-EC will market these Xenics cameras as "Electrophysics SSC-320M". Models equipped with InSb detector arrays will continue to be offered by Xenics.

Xenics has concluded an exclusive partnership agreement with U.S. distributor Sofradir-EC (formerly Electrophysics) covering Xenics Onca camera models with MCT detectors. Outside the U.S. and Canada Xenics will continue to offer all types of Onca cameras through their own sales and distribution channel.

Sofradir-EC/Electrophysics has marketed a broad product portfolio high-performance thermal imaging systems with great success since 2002. The company maintains a very strong market position and excellent relationship with the U.S. Government and its prime contractors, which is an important target market for Xenics' thermal imager solutions such as the Onca.

"We are very happy to start this collaboration with a renowned organization such as Sofradir-EC," says Xenics founder and CEO Bob Grietens. "We are confident in the strength of Sofradir-EC in selling and supporting our high-end cooled thermography systems. The agreement will give a boost to Xenics' market share in the North American markets."

Sofradir-EC promotes the high-performance, sealed and rugged, Electrophysics SSC-320M for a wide range of applications such as tracking, target signature radiometric data collection and highspeed imaging. Its Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT) infrared FPA offers snapshot integration, high thermal sensitivity (15mK typical), a 320Hz full frame rate and precise trigger input. A broadband (1.5μm to 5μm) version is available (SSC-320BB). The low-noise, 14-bit output delivers highly accurate data via CameraLink™ or Gigabit Ethernet.

World's first InGaAs camera photon emission microscope

Xenics enabled Semicaps to realize the world's first InGaAs camera photon emission microscope in 2004. Since then Xenics and sInfraRed have supported us in our endeavors for better sensitivity and resolution in photon and thermal emission microscopy.

Chua Choon Meng, CEO Semicaps