Xenics Cheetah-640CL: World's fastest InGaAs camera now with double CameraLink

Xenics Cheetah-640CL: World's fastest InGaAs camera now with double CameraLink

Stuttgart, 4. November 2008 --- Xenics' new high-speed digital Cheetah-640CL, covering the SWIR spectral band 0.9.to 1.7 μm, offers a 640 x 512 pixel resolution at 20μm pixel pitch and a record full frame rate of 1,730 Hz. Cheetah enables fast data transfer via double CameraLink. The camera is fully software-configurable; it combines the TE-cooled InGaAs FPA detector head with all control and communications circuitry in a convection-cooled compact housing.

With a frame rate of 1,730fps at its full 640x512 pixel resolution, the new Cheetah-640CL sets a world-record for InGaAs cameras. Cheetah features 14-bit digitization to capture and display 14-bit optical data for high-speed imaging. The camera's 16 outputs provide 14 bit each at a 40MHz pixel clock. Pixel operability is >99 percent. A graphical user interface that provides direct access to various camera settings such as ROI, integration time, sensor temperature and ADC, makes the camera flexible and easy to use.

Integration type is Snapshot (IWR or ITR) for non-distorted images. The integration capacitor is selectable at 7fF and 100fF (high or low gain). In windowing mode, the Cheetah-640CL frame rate goes up to 100k fps. There are four parallel windows of interest selectable, at a minimum size of 32x4 pixels. The built-in temperature controller enables a highly stable operating temperature. Ambient operating temperature is 0 to 50°C.

The InGaAs FPA detector head interfaces to a PC via double CameraLink Full (no on-board recording) at LVDS voltage levels and is fitted with an SDR 26 Mini CameraLink connector. Among the software tools provided are twopoint uniformity correction and bad-pixel replacement. Cheetah-640CL is Windows 2000/XP/Vista compatible. Optional C- or F-mount fixture allows the use of all standard optical lenses.

With this user-friendly configuration, Xenics' Cheetah-640CL is perfectly suited for high-speed, hyperspectral image SWIR applications as well as laser-beam profiling and vision enhancement in industrial, automotive, airborne or medical applications (OCT), semiconductor inspection and on-line process control. Thermal imaging of hot objects ranges from 200°C to 800°C.

The camera is operated from a single 12V/5A power supply (included in the configuration). Weight of the detector head is 2kg. Dimensions of the housing are approximately 130x130x90mm³.

New Xeneth LabVIEW SDK

LabVIEW toolkit for Xenics cameras offers high-level examples as well as low-level VIs, making it easy for programmers to integrate Xenics cameras into their software applications written in LabVIEW

Jan Šíma, Business Development Manager, ELCOM, a.s.