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Smallest SWIR CameraLink camera with low noise and dark current
Low noise and dark current with fast data transfer over GigE Vision
New 800 Hz version
Cheetah-640CL TE3 for low light level imaging and spectroscopy
High speed MWIR camera extendable into the SWIR realm
Highly stabilized and superior optical performance for long range monitoring
XSW ready-to-integrate SWIR OEM Module
Ready-to-integrate SWIR OEM module consuming ultra-low-power
High-resolution and cooled Xeva-1.7-640 for excellent image quality research

Thermal Imagers in mobile systems for Security & Safety Market

It was a challenge to produce a mobile system for border control in just 6 months, but with Xenics as a partner we could apply for this project.

Ivica Mijić, Audio-Video Trend