Xenics newsflash December 2017

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Merry Christmas!

As we prepare to wrap up 2017 (and our presents), join us as we look back at some of the high points of the year involving Xenics.

The final issue of the year starts with a feature on our efforts in reaching out to the community. Through multiple touch points, online and off, we shared our expertise in infrared technology across the globe. We also have some news about our upcoming product, that is already making waves in the SPIE PRISM Awards next year. We close the issue with a message from our CEO Mr. Paul Pyckaert.

It has been an enjoyable year of 2017. From all of us at Xenics, we thank our readers, partners, and customers for your interest and support. We look forward to another eventful year with all of you.

Around the globe with Xenics

A year packed full of activities for Xenics, we started 2017 in San Francisco with the SPIE Photonics West exhibition.

panel of our booth at Photonics West

The exhibition marked the introduction of the new Tigris-640 cooled MWIR camera.

The Tigris series replaces the Onca MWIR cameras which are end-of-life. Aiming at applications where high speed, high thermal sensitivity, on-board thermography or broadband detectors are required, the Tigris-640 was a key focus for many of our exhibitions this year.

The Tigris-640 continued to appear in subsequent SPIE events in the United States, such as the Defense + Commercial Sensing, and the Optics + Photonics. 

our booth at DSEIOver at London, the bi-yearly DSEI exhibition was held once again later this year. We showcased our easy to integrate camera cores for the safety and security applications.

Apart from the gathering of business prospects, we also believe in giving back and showing support to the vision community. To that end, we collaborated with several partners through active participation in workshops aimed at connecting, educating, and sharing information amongst like-minded individuals within the industry.

Organised by Stemmer Imaging in cooperation with European Imaging 

our tabletop at MV Tech forum 2017

Academy (EIA), the Machine Vision Technology Forum provided a platform for industry specialists and experts sharing the latest technologies and developments in image processing. This photo showing a gesture by Mr. Guido Deutz (European sales manager of Xenics) best summarizes the success of the events which spanned multiple locations across Europe such as Germany and Sweden.


a presentation from CEO Xenics USA

Back to the shores of the US, we attended the 4th International WORKshop on Infrared Technologies organized by Laser Components.

Hosted in the US for the first time, the event was a common ground for discussions on a mix of imaging topics, ranging from theory to applications. Open to student groups, the event gave the new generation a chance to show their entrepreneurial spirit and creativity.

Both events were a huge success, and we thank our partners for the hard work in the organization of those events, and for extending the invitation to Xenics.

On the digital front

Engaging with our prospects and the community shouldn’t stop when we aren’t busy in our booths at exhibitions and community events.


White paper content Xenics

Through online channels, this year we saw to the release of 3 highly informative white paper articles, each focused on a particular application or industry and their relationship with infrared cameras:



Following the release of the third white paper on Laser beam profiling, we have a little extra content for readers interested in the topic. It is a short application note of our Gobi-640 cameras integrating into a passive laser beam analyser for CO2 lasers.


All four articles are available for reading through our website, and also on the portal of our media partner Photonics Online

SPIE PRISM Awards 2018

We are proud to enter the finalist round in the Detectors and Sensors category for the SPIE PRISM Awards 2018. Making it to the finalist round is a momentous step for our new detector series.

Made to answer today’s demanding requirements towards SWIR detectors, the new detector: XLIN-FC, is a family of SWIR InGaAs linear arrays made for high performance applications in machine vision and spectroscopy.

XLIN-FC is a testament to our company’s mission and commitment to becoming the leading provider of infrared cameras and detectors, achieved through continuous innovation driven by the market and its applications.

The results will only be announced during the award ceremony early next year. Until then, let’s keep our fingers crossed while we attend the ceremony in January!

What to look forward to next year?

Photonics West 2018



Perhaps the earliest large scale event for 2018, expect to see Xenics return to the Photonics West exhibition with our latest developments and products.

The aforementioned XLIN-FC will also be on display in our booth #2235. Be sure to attend the event if you would like to catch the first glimpse of this revolutionary detector.

More events and exciting milestones will follow, so stay tuned and expect to hear more from us.

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Closing address from our CEO

2017 was the first full calendar year for me working as CEO at Xenics. Looking back, I consider it to be a year with significant progress in a lot of domains. Xenics is steadily evolving towards a professional, pro-active, customer-oriented product and service provider. This is an ongoing change that we certainly want to continue in 2018.

I believe that we have improved our communication with our business partners and customers - the people in your organizations who drive the daily business and create new applications and business cases.

Through mutual sharing of information, we support each other and create added value for all parties involved. I am excited to see so many new opportunities in the ever-growing infrared market.

Xenics is working on some new, differentiating products that will be launched during 2018. We will certainly keep you informed about this in the coming months.

Last but not least, Xenics is investing a lot in additional competence to drive mid to long term innovation, collaborating with universities, technology partners and market leading customers in order to create relevant, new markets.

I want to personally thank you for the excellent cooperation in 2017. Your business, your feedback and your remarks made us stronger. I look forward to continue and extend this relationship next year.

Xenics wishes you and your family a great holiday season and enjoy the important things in life: happiness, trust and friendship!


Paul Ryckaert

CEO Xenics


Mr. Ryckaert closed his address with a quote:

“Knowing Is Not Enough; We Must Apply. Wishing Is Not Enough; We Must Do.”- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe